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SRF K-10 - Esta Mobile Welding Fume Filter

SRF K-10 - Esta Mobile Welding Fume Filter



SRF K-10 Esta Mobile Welding Fume Filter

The mobile SRF K-10 welding fume filter can be used at any welding station. Its high airflow volume can easily vacuum up even large clouds of smoke. Welding and soldering fumes are filtered at 99.9% efficiency, and then be routed back into the work area. Low operating costs
The filter housing has the patented ESTA tilting mechanism for easy disposal of separated dust using a dust collection bag. Cleanable permanent filter cartridges ensure low operating costs over the long term. A more powerful version of the SRF K-10 is the SRF K-15, which is especially used for heavy smoke or to effectively extract fumes at two workstations.
Proven Quality
Optionally, SRF K-series welding fume filters are available with the IFA W2 and W3 test symbol for extracting welding fumes from high-alloy steels.
Applications for SRF K welding fume filters
  • Welding any type of metal, such as construction steel, stainless steel (chromium-nickel steels only with IFA test certificate), coated sheet metal, aluminium, or galvanized work pieces
  • Normal and continuous operation
  • Metal industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Vehicle contruction
  • Aircraft construction
  • Shipbuilding
Advantages at a glance
  • Powerful extraction at one or two locations
  • Suitable for mobile use and continuous operation
  • Compact design = minimal space requirements
  • Cleanable permanent filter cartridges = low operating costs
  • Easy dust disposal
  • Stable plastic housing
  • Soldering fume filter option (custom design)
  • Optional start-up on electrical arc recognition
  • Optionally available with activated carbon filter
Special features of the SRF K series
  • Cleaning by manual rotation device, manual compressed air pistol or automatically
  • Cleanable permanent filter cartridges for dust class M
  • Optionally available with IFA W2 and W3 test certificates
Max. airflow (ca. m3/h) : 950
Intake diameter (mm) : 140
Max. negative pressure (Pa) : 2800
Motor Power (V/kW) : 230/1,3
Filter surface (m2) : 10
Dimensions (mm) : 946 x 761 x 1.361
Weight (kg) : 69
Sound emission [ca. dB(A)] : 72
*Also available in 110V/60Hz and 115V/400Hz (Aircraft)

Download the PDF for more information:

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