Sanifect - High Level Disinfectant

    Sanifect - High Level Disinfectant



    Sanifect - High Level Disinfectant

    SANIFECT is based on a new technology that kills viruses and bacteria but yet is non-toxic, alcohol free and neutral pH, making it safe for a wide range of applications methods including fogging. SANIFECT contains pH modifiers that neutralize ionic bonds of protein envelopes that hold hard-to-kill viruses together; and plant oil extract molecules that then penetrate to destroy the nucleic acid and dissolve the virus in seconds. This breakthrough technology is the result of years of research funded by the British Government.

    Areas of Use

    SANIFECT High Level Disinfectant is ideal for disinfecting floors, walls, table-tops, door handles, hand railings, lift button panels, plant and kitchen equipment, toilets and all hard surfaces in homes, hotels, hospitals, train stations, offices, schools, factories and all private and public areas.

    Special Features

    • Alcohol and solvent free, ideal for fogging buildings.
    • Non-toxic, safe to use even around patients.
    • Kill List (at 1:10 dilution with water).