Klenco HiVax 312 - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    Klenco HiVax 312 - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner



    Klenco HIVAX 312 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    • The HiVax 303 is a high power heavy duty industrial vacuum designed for vacuuming applications with large amounts of dust and materials.
    • It is suitable for production processes for intermittent direct dust extraction from machinery, as well as heavy duty cleaning in dusty environments.
    • High dust loads can be handled due to efficient filtration with a large high quality main star filter, equipped with filter shaker, and a optional filter cartridge (which can be upgraded to HEPA standards for fine/toxic dusts).
    • The fully removeable 75 litre dust container makes storing and emptying the collected contents an easy job.
    • A stainless steel body and a mobile but compact frame provides durability and flexibility.
    • The HiVax 303 gives all round cleaning performance + versatility.
    • 3 x 1000W (or 2 x 1000W) suction fans provide strong suction.

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