Sebo 370 - Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Sebo 370 - Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner



    SEBO 370 Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    The Sebo 370 Comfort is Sebo's quietest and most durable upright vacuum. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner for frequent vacuuming of large carpeted areas. The Sebo 370 Comfort is a commercial-grade vacuum that is loaded with safety features to provide ease of use and many years of trouble-free operation. Utilizing a 2 motor design, the Sebo 370 Comfort features a large L-shaped power head with 4-height settings and powerful, single-speed suction to deep clean and revive carpet. Most impressive is its instant-use wand and hose for seamless on-the-fly cleaning, flat-to-floor low profile for reaching under furniture, and full-size accessory tools that actually work effectively for dusting, cleaning upholstery and reaching deep into crevices. Sebo’s hospital grade S-Class filtration (meets US HEPA standards) and tightly sealed vacuum design ensures only clean air is emitted from the vacuum to keep your home clean and your family safe. Includes SEBO's 30 day test drive and 7 years warranty on motor, 5 years warranty on parts and labor.


    • S-Class filtration captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns
    • Large capacity, 4-layer vacuum bags with dust sealing cap
    • Filtration meets US HEPA standards
    • Recommended by the British Allergy Foundation
    • Two-motor design: 1000 watt vacuum motor and 150 watt power head motor
    • Designed for very quiet operation
    • On/off power switch with single suction speed
    • Large L-shaped power head with 12.5-inch cleaning path and edge cleaning
    • 4-level manual power head height adjustment
    • Auto shut-off for brush roll obstruction
    • Automatic power head shut-off when vacuum is in park position
    • Easy brush roll brush strip removal for cleaning or replacement
    • Durable heavy-duty belts
    • Bag full or clog indicator light
    • Trap door for clog removal
    • Instant-use wand and hose w/ 8-foot reach
    • 3 on-board full-size accessory tools
    • Accessory tools easily attach to wand or hose
    • Protective rubber-coated wheels
    • Flat-to-floor 5.5-inch profile
    • Commercial strength, 39-foot long power cord
    • Manual cord wrap with quick-release cord hook
    • Carry handle on back of vacuum
    • Easy to assemble and take vacuum apart - no tools required
    • 7-year warranty on motor, 5-year parts and labor
    • Designed and Manufactured in Germany
    • Great selection of optional cleaning tools available


    Replace Microfilter and Exhaust filter once a year with average residential use. The S-Class exhaust filter can be washed in between replacements if needed. Replace vacuum bag when full as indicated by the vacuum. We recommend replacing the vacuum bag at least every 2 months. The brush roll brush strip should last 6-8 years before needing to be replaced. The vacuum belt should last the lifetime of the machine.

    Technical Specifications

    Motor (watts) : Suction motor = 1000 watts / Power head motor = 150 watts
    Airflow (cfm - cubic feet per minute) : 106.0 CFM
    Pre-motor filter for motor protection : Yes
    Vacuum brush speed (rotations per minute) : 2700 RPM
    Included Standard Floor tool(s) : 14-inch power head; 12.5 cleaning path
    Included standard vacuum filter : Hospital grade S-Class Micro and Exhaust filter
    Vacuum bag capacity : 1.4 gallon
    Suction of Vacuum Cleaner (waterlift) : 80.3 inches
    Power cord length : 39 ft
    Vacuum Dimensions(mm) : 47 x 14 x 11
    Weight of vacuum : 19 lbs
    Model : 9703AM
    Warranty : 7 year warranty on motor and 5 year warranty on parts and labor. While under warranty, SEBO will pay to pick it up, repair it, and return it for no charge

    Download the PDF for more information:

    Download Sebo 370 Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner Brochure   Download Sebo 370 Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner Owner Manual