Nilfisk GM 80P - Vacuum Cleaner

    Nilfisk GM 80P - Vacuum Cleaner



    Nilfisk GM 80P

    You’re a professional user – contractor, office manager, store owner – and you want a suction cleaner that does the job faster and better. A machine that is easy to use and cleans effectively. Nilfisk GM 80P is a lightweight in the heavyweightprofessional arena. Reliable and designed for durability and capacity. The sturdy aluminium container means that the vacuum cleaner is almost indestructible and therefore especially suitable for rough and heavy duty cleaning. Check the specs. Try out this professional. Lightweight, but built for years of heavy duty.

    For special applications, you may choose between two types of special exhaust filters: Nilfisk HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter retaining 99.95% of the ultrafine particles (0.1µm) or the even better ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter retaining as much as 99.9995% of the ultrafine particles (0.1 µm). The optional filter also protects against allergies. The main filter in the Nilfisk GM 80P measures an impressive 2100 cm2

    • Rated power W 1200
    • Max power W 1300
    • Protection grade (moist, dust) IP 40
    • Protection class (electrical) II
    • Air flow with hose and tube l/sec 38
    • Vacuum kPa 20
    • Suction power with hose W 270
    • Sound pres. lev. w/nozzle at 1.5m dB(A)/20µPa 61
    • Main filter cm2 2100
    • Main filter material Cotton
    • Container capacity l 9
    • Dust bag capacity l 6.25
    • Height cm 41
    • Diameter cm 30
    • Weight kg 5
    • Length of cable m 10

    Download the PDF for more details :

    Download Nilfisk GM 80P Brochure